Cycle 27 – 7dpo

Halfway through the TWW! I’m feeling pretty impatient, but positive. Yesterday I had some very noticeable pinches and cramps, but trying not to read too much into it. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I’m just sooo tired and feeling quite dizzy. I felt really wobbly getting out of bed this morning and nearly fell over.

The trigger shot seems to be lingering a little longer than I expected. Last time it was gone by 9-10 days. Today is 10 days since the trigger. I haven’t tested yet today, but still had an uber faint line yesterday. I’m curious to see what it looks like today. Now I’m just hoping it gets darker, rather than turn BFN! Although, it’s still super early. One can hope though, right? πŸ™‚


My hours are picking up A LOT at work! I just started with another home health care agency (in addition to my current agency), since agency #1 is slacking with their hours a bit. Agency #2 is calling everyday for me to pick up clients! It’s nice, but it’s wearing me out already. Mainly because I still work at Children’s Hospital 2 nights a week & that job is a lot more stressful and demanding.

I keep thinking it might be best to Children’s completely and trying to make a more “set” schedule with my 2 home health care jobs. That way I can have a better routine and not feel like I’m running around to a million different jobs and wearing myself out. It’s odd to think I have THREE JOBS right now, whoa. I really enjoy the nature of the work in home health care, and it’s less stressful for sure! I just need a bit better of a schedule, and then I think I’ll be good.


13 thoughts on “Cycle 27 – 7dpo

  1. Three jobs is crazy! Imagine what doing your taxes next year will be like! πŸ™‚ Hoping it all settles down soon. And that line had better get darker!!!

  2. You are Super Women Lisa. I have just one job and I feel worn out most of the time. I don't think I could handle and more than that!Crossing my fingers, my hair, my toes, and my cat's paws for you.

  3. C'mon super dark lines!!! I'm way impressed with your work schedule – you're so dedicated! Here's hoping – really good news in the next few days!!!

  4. I dont know how you do it, 3 jobs is crazy!!! I hope that line gets darker, perhaps it will never fade away…how nice would that be?! Dreaming here with you.

  5. Hooray, halfway there! I'm hoping to hold off testing as long as possible. I just hate seeing those BFNs. Good luck with your tests!

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