What?! Come on BBT!

My chart is looking strange this cycle. I had a huuuge temp drop, followed by a huuuge spike on CD 9-10. According to my RE, I could have ovulated my dominant follie on CD 9. So that would explain those temps.

My current temps are NOT post-O temps yet. They’ve been exactly the same for 3 days straight. I thought for sure I’d see a bigger temp spike this morning. It’s been 2 1/2 – 3 days since my trigger, so I should see a nice shift indicating ovulation on my chart, but noooo.

Hopefully by tomorrow, my BBT will spike! I swear I felt those smaller follies on my right side ovulate last night. Although, I still feel some lingering pain this morning — maybe they are still working on it. I wish I knew what was going on in there, but I’m not driving 4 hrs for an u/s!

Usually they say if you O more than once, that it happens within 24 hrs though?! So how could I ovulate on CD 9 and CD 12? Is that even possible? I guess with fertility drugs and an hcg trigger, it could potentially happen.

I feel a bit frustrated, but I’m just going to have to be patient. I’m still feeling optimistic, but I’m ready to know if I’m in the TWW now or what! LOL. We are getting tired of BD! It’s been quite the marathon this cycle. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “What?! Come on BBT!

  1. Wow, well it does certainly look like you've gotten in plenty of BDing!I'd say you're pretty covered in that area.No idea if the trigger would cause you to ovulate other potential follies if you already ovulated on your own. Pretty interesting question actually. Maybe call up your doc and ask?I'm sure you're in the TWW even though your temps are being stubborn! FX for a nice rise tomorrow!

  2. Could your battery be getting low on your bbt? Does it show different temps?Also my Re says sometimes it takes a few days to show O even though you have Od on a bbt.Hope this is the case for you!!Way to go on the bd!! You're a champ!! lol

  3. Holy BD fest Lisa! lol You've definitely got your bases covered! Even though you're not getting post-O temps, I think the drop and rise in temp is good. I've had cycles like that where it took a few days for my temp to get up into the post-O range. GL!

  4. Holy BD'ing girl!!! You two deserve a break, I certainly hope your temps rise tomorrow, just for the sake of your man & girly parts! LOL It does look like you ovulated, I wonder if the trigger/shots are throwing your temps off?! So strange. Praying for clear answers tomorrow.

  5. I always wish there was a way to 'see' inside to find out what's going on. On your own, I mean, without having the ultrasound πŸ™‚ I think you're covered on the BDing – crossing my fingers for you this month!

  6. Wait, are you charting on a medicated cycle, you naughty girl? You know those hormones do crazy shizz to your temps. That said, if your temps stay similar or go up a bit, I'd bank on CD9 O. They're still above coverline and were it not for the CD6 temp, they'd be *well* above coverline.

  7. Thank you ladies!! πŸ™‚ We are worn out LoL.And I know, I shouldn't bother charting on a medicated cycle, but I wanted to see what would happen πŸ™‚

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