Femara, Follistim, and Dexamethasone so far

Tonight will be my 3rd dose of Femara. I haven’t felt any side effects yet, other than hot flashes. I’ve had to sleep with the bedroom window cracked, even though it seems like Winter is re-visiting us right now. LOL. Poor hubby freezes at night. My first dose of Follistim was supposed to be TONIGHT, but I mixed up my days and took a dose last night! OOPS! LOL. I’m sure it will be fine though…maybe it’ll help my follies kick into gear a little better. πŸ™‚

I am NOT liking my steroids (Dexamethasone)! They give me the munchies SO badly. I try to fill up on water and healthy food, but I keep craving carbs and junk! This is not good. I have to be careful what I eat, due to my poor egg quality (and overall health, of course). I can’t stop craving Nutter Butter wafer cookies. OoohhEmmmGeee…they are SO delicious! πŸ™‚ At least they have peanut butter in them, right?! LOL. I’m trying my best, but man, I’m not getting on a scale anytime soon. The Dex also makes me retain water and look bloated. The other issue I have is that it makes me feel kind of hyper and speedy. I’ve been taking it early in the day, otherwise I have difficulty sleeping (which I’m still having some trouble anyway).

Other than that, I’m feeling good! I really can’t complain because I’ll do whatever it takes! I *think* I’m starting to feel a little activity in my ovaries now. I keep hearing that people don’t produce as many follicles on Femara, so that makes me nervous. I’m hoping for more than just a couple because my eggies are not in the best shape — so I need all the chances I can get to catch my “golden egg”. I’ve done IUI before with 2-5 follies and didn’t get pregnant or had a chemical pregnancy. Hopefully with the Follistim/Femara combo, we’ll see some decent follies on Tuesday (CD 9). And hopefully they are good quality. Fingers crossed!!

Please go visit my friend, Aub @ The Deep Silence of a Long Suffering Heart. She just recently did IVF and got her BFP, but has been bleeding badly. Her betas and pee sticks seem to be progressing, but she could use some prayers and support during this stressful time of not knowing what will happen. *Sticky vibes*


13 thoughts on “Femara, Follistim, and Dexamethasone so far

  1. Oh you and your crazy blog-design changes! I swear every time I hope over here from my reader it looks different! Glad to see the job stress isn't so stressy now and that you're feeling good on this cycle. Fingers crossed for a good crop of good eggs with this new drug combo. Hey – infertility drugs that also make you hyper – I could use some of that! Oh – and nutter butters! I haven't had one of those in 20 years or something and now I want one! Good thing they don't have them here in Australia (I think!). I've put on 3kg (7ish pounds?) in this cycle – yikes! Sounds like you're doing great with water and healthy food though so an occasional treat shouldn't cause any harm. Enjoy!

  2. ❀ Thank you, Lisa. Your support means so much to me. <3Grow little follies, grow! I really hope this is the cycle you catch that golden egg. Everything crossed for you!

  3. Oh, you know I hear you on the hot flashes! Oy! I have a good feeling about this cycle for you! And I think a couple Nutter Butters sound necessary, ha ha!

  4. Your blog is so stylish! I am so looking forward to this cycle for you because I think you are will on your way to your sticky bean! And I be praying and hoping for Aub…

  5. Good luck to you!!!! Night sweats are the worse, they are no joke. I usually get them from POI. Hate them. Keep us posted on how things progress. fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!

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