Cycle 27, CD 1, plan for IUI #6!

CD 1 has arrived! I just spoke with my RE’s nurse. It was a surprising conversation all around.

First, I was kind of surprised because I was expecting to have to go in for a baseline ultrasound, but they said there was no need for one. We went ahead and set up the plans for IUI #6 over the phone. It’s kind of nice because the office is so far away. I never get cysts or anything, and we’ve just been trying naturally, so I doubt there’s any cause for concern about not getting a baseline ultrasound done.

Another surprise is that we’ll be using 5mg Femara CD 3-7 for the first time ever. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve always done so well with Clomid, so I assumed we would be using that. I feel kind of disappointed, but maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. I’m willing to try something new – I just want it to work. I asked why we were changing meds, and the nurse said sometimes a change is good. She explained they’ve been seeing an increased success rate with their Femara patients.

I’ll also be taking 150 units of Follistim CD 5 through trigger (Ovidrel). In addition, I’ll be taking steroids this entire cycle – Dexamethasone 4mg. The reason behind that is due to my autoimmune/inflammatory symptoms and the fact that my new blood clotting disorder is in the autoimmune category. During the TWW, we’ll also be using Lovenox 40 units for my blood clotting disorder and progesterone as a precaution. I like that we’re pulling out all the tricks.

Overall, I feel good about this plan. Although, I’m nervous about trying Femara because it is totally new and unknown to me and my body. I’ve been known to get lots of follies on Clomid, so I’m scared that I won’t with Femara. However, maybe we’re looking more at QUALITY over quantity here, and I suppose we don’t know that I WON’T produce just as many follies on Femara as Clomid. I do know that Femara treats the uterine lining better, but then again I’ve never had a problem with my lining. I’m nervous, but excited. I hope and pray this is a change that will work.

25 thoughts on “Cycle 27, CD 1, plan for IUI #6!

  1. I think its a good plan. I like that they added the steroids. A word about Femara.. most people will say that they tolerated it much better than clomid. I didnt. My first cycle of femara was AWFUL.. just terrible side effects. After that it got a bit better but I was pretty miserable. I hope it treats you as well as it does most people.

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