Waiting…and some perspective

I’m now 16dpo and waiting for AF to arrive. I hate when chemical pregnancies and progesterone delay AF. I’ve already dealt with the emotional pain of having another chemical pregnancy, albeit it wasn’t AS bad this time (as say my IVF loss). Now I have to wait for the official bleeding and discomfort that comes with it all. At least it probably won’t be TOO terrible. I’m so ready to start my new cycle and get on with everything though! We are going to kick some ass with IUI #6!!! πŸ™‚

In other news, 2 of my favorite home health care clients are in the hospital. 😦 I wrote of one of them here: One of God’s Angels. She’s a very special lady with breast cancer that metastasized to her bones and brain. I feel so devastated for her loyal husband, who has stood by her and taken care of her so patiently throughout this whole ordeal. She also has a daughter and 2 grandchildren that love her to pieces. I really hope she pulls through, but more importantly, I hope she is being kept comfortable at the moment. I don’t know how much longer she can hold on in this battle, but I hope she feels at peace.

My other client, who I also wrote about here: We’re Everywhere, is dealing with a sudden increase in confusion and dementia. I don’t understand how she could be fine one day and completely disoriented the next. It usually doesn’t progress so quickly. Sometimes if an illness comes on or a life-stressor comes up, I suppose it could be very detrimental. I hope she makes it through okay. She DESPISES being in the hospital, so I pray that she can come home and live in independence soon, where she’s happiest.

Both these ladies’ stories are really inspiring to me. They have faced so much adversity in their lives, including infertility and pregnancy loss. It was so special to me to hear their stories of overcoming infertility. Not to mention their strength in fighting their diseases/disorders now. And they still keep fighting to live another day. When I think of them, it makes me appreciate my life so much more. It really makes what I’m going through now, seem like a walk in the park. I appreciate the perspective and thank God for continuing to remind me that my life is so special and fulfilling.


15 thoughts on “Waiting…and some perspective

  1. I understand this very well. My patients always give me perspective and help me to see outside of myself, it is a great reminder during the times that it is hard to this for myself. I am hoping your period comes soon and you can move forward with this next iui.

  2. Your posts about your patients resonated with me, not just because it was a kick up the butt to be grateful for my health, my husband, my life, but because they're real people whose lives have been altered by ill health, and that's heartbreaking. I'm thankful that you're one of their caregivers, for them and for you, because it seems like you've given each other a gift; of perspective and renewed appreciation for you, and your thoughtful care for them.You have a great mindset. Good luck with IUI #6 – here to support you!

  3. You will kick some aaaaaa with IUI #6!! Looking forward to holding your hand through this exciting time and appreciating all the support you've given me along the way!! ❀

  4. Even through all this that you've been going through, you are still so upbeat and optimistic. You are very inspiring and I have no doubt that you're going to kick butt next cycle!!

  5. Come on AF! We want to move on with our lives!! I'm so sorry that this cycle didn't work….but a chemical pregnancy is a good sign. As for your patients, I hope their remaining time on earth is filled with love…because that's all that really matters. That we love and are loved in return. The whole thing about being a mommy is that you want to love…and you will get your chance.

  6. It's so true…that we think things are horrible until we step back and look at some other peoples struggles. I love that you always keep an eye on the big picture Some people probably wont understand how you can stay positive in the face of dissappointment…but it's because you always keep everything in perspective.

  7. I have been following your blog for a little while now and you are such a strong woman. You and I are going through the same things, except I have only seen a fertility specialist briefly. This year after my husband deploys I'll be going to see one, including an acupuncturist to see if I can regulate my cycles.

  8. Lisa you are an amazing person. I completely admire your sweet kind hard, your tenancity, your faith and optimism. You have so many wonderful qualities that I pray you will get to pass down to a child one day very soon. I love reading your posts and being reminded of just how good we have it. xoxoxoxox

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