Clarifications and more bad news

I ended up speaking with the nurse yesterday to clarify my actual beta number on Monday at 10dpo. It WAS 4. Progesterone was 10. I’ve been on suppositories for a few days now, just in case. The nurse was really sweet and said that it may just be too early and not to give up yet.

I’m still just getting extremely faint lines – in fact, I think they are lighter today at 12dpo. My temps are dropping, which can’t be a good sign. It doesn’t feel like AF is coming and I’m still having symptoms, but that could be from the progesterone now. They want me to come back on Friday for another beta level if I’m still getting positives. I’m pretty much expecting my tests to be negative by tomorrow or Friday though, at this rate. It seems like something tried to implant over a period of a few days, but failed. MY LIFE STORY. Failed implantation.

I am still feeling good that the Lovenox seemed to work to my advantage. We haven’t gotten pregnant on a natural cycle in almost TWO YEARS. And all we did was add Lovenox. Maybe with some fertility drugs, increased follicles, or IUI – we can really make this happen by upping our odds a little. Maybe we won’t even have to do IVF again. Part of me fears that my egg quality is just too poor and more chemical pregnancies are in my future…but maybe not. I’m going to run with this bit of hope and pray that next cycle will bring us our sticky bean.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the kind words! And whoever anonymous is – that wrote that beautiful poem on my last post – THANK YOU! That was so sweet and it made me cry (in a good way). I wish I knew who wrote that 🙂 xoxo


29 thoughts on “Clarifications and more bad news

  1. No, not again! I'm very sorry this one doesn't seem to be sticking, but, I'm with everyone else in being excited that the Lovenox seems to have worked for you. Thinking lots of good thoughts for the next cycle. ❤

  2. Lisa, it's so wonderful that you have a renewed sense of hope and optimism at the beginning of each cycle. I can certainly relate to the pain of experiencing an early miscarriage, and then trying to think of why an early miscarriage is better than one that occurs later. I also feel the same way as you do during the beginning of each cycle…it's almost like I get a shot of determination mixed with hope that THIS will be THE cycle. I'll definitely be stalking you on the TWW forum! :)Giselle VanDerLaan

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