Well, it’s not looking good :(

I had some uber faint lines starting at 8dpo. My darkest lines were yesterday at 10dpo, but they were still VERY faint. Today, at 11dpo, they look just a tiny bit darker (if at all). I know it takes around 48 hrs to double, but I’m feeling pretty defeated. It’s not looking very good for pregnancy #6.

I called my RE’s office yesterday morning because I was going to need some more progesterone soon (if pregnant). They wanted me to come and get a beta and progesterone level done before proceeding with anything. I really didn’t want to get a beta so early, especially since my lines were still so faint. I went anyway.

I was on the phone dealing with some family issues yesterday afternoon, when they called and left a message with my results. All they said was that my beta was less than 5 – NO ACTUAL NUMBER! UGH! I was really upset, so I tried to call them back, but they must have closed because no one would answer. 😦 I knew it would be low, but I thought it would be maybe a 5 — not less than.

Technically that means I’m not even pregnant! Although, some places say over 2 is pregnant. I know I don’t carry a small amount of hcg in my body (some people do) because I’ve had beta levels of 2 and zero before. I’m trying to stay positive for now because it might just be way too early.

I’m really regretting having it done now. I’m going to call them today to get clarification on exactly what the beta number was (I would bet like a 4). I also want to know my progesterone level, which they failed to tell me yesterday. I may hold off for a couple more days to get beta #2, instead of going tomorrow (Wednesday). I guess a beta has to start somewhere, but with my past experiences, this is never a good place to start. 😦

One thing I feel good about though, is that this was our FIRST Lovenox cycle and something worked! Maybe if it doesn’t work out this time, it will next time. I’m still hoping that it’s not over yet for this cycle though.

Thank you to everyone xoxox


25 thoughts on “Well, it’s not looking good :(

  1. Thank you SO much everyone! At least I don't have to face all this alone.And anonymous – I wish I knew who you are! That was incredibly sweet. Thank you xoxo

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