Stronger natural ovulation since IVF/loss

I’m pretty sure I ovulated yesterday! Woot! My chart is over in the right side column, if you’d like to stalk me. πŸ™‚

I have been noticing many more fertile signs, hormonal changes, moodiness, increased ovulation pain, and a better thermal BBT shift since my last IVF cycle in January and subsequent loss. Those things are unusual for me — during a natural cycle. I don’t know if I’m more fertile due to IVF, the loss, or possibly all the supplements I’ve been taking. Could be a mixture of all of the above. Click here for the natural TTC methods I’m using.

I’ve also noticed that my emotions go crazy around ovulation time lately! I feel extremely sensitive, weepy, easily annoyed. It’s almost like PMS or pregnancy symptoms. I don’t seem to get PMS around AF now. I read online that mood swings are pretty common around O time. I never used to get that way, so hopefully it’s a good sign that my hormones are surging appropriately! I hope it doesn’t mean I’m hormonally imbalanced. :-/

I hate that I’m feeling a little bit hopeful this cycle. That probably sounds bad, and I don’t want to be a negative nelly….but I’m tired of the disappointment! With natural cycles, I don’t feel AS let down as a medicated/treatment cycles. It still hurts though. We gave it our best shot as usual, so fingers crossed. I also bumped up my baby aspirin to 2x day. I don’t know if that will help my slight clotting disorder that we recently discovered, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

I would LOVE to be one of those miracle stories and be someone who got pregnant naturally after all treatments failed. I know it’s possible – I see stories like that a lot! I’m so over fertility treatments, but I know we’re not done yet. We’ve been doing them for about 15-16 months, not to mention all the cycles we tried naturally prior to that and in between. I’m hoping for a happy ending soon! All I can say is that God has made me a stronger person, and I know how much more I would appreciate the precious gift of a child. But….how many more months and years will this journey take?


20 thoughts on “Stronger natural ovulation since IVF/loss

  1. I think you are right. I definitely notice a better regulation in my own body since my ivf. I think it must be the huge infusion of hormones and meds. Whatever is deficient MUST get a nice little boost.that is sart that you thought to up the aspirin to help with the clotting. I hope you get your miracle.

  2. I get moody too around O. Im glad your body is working like it should. I pray that you are one of those miracle stories. Your always in my prayers.

  3. I have everything crossed for you girl!! I hope a nice big fat plump egg came bursting forth in to a sea of swimmers and is just making its way down to get comfy for the next 9 months πŸ˜€

  4. I have everything crossed for you Lisa! About the baby asprin, I would ask your doc because you're actually not supposed to take any asprin after O except one baby asprin since its super low dose. My doc warned me not to take any pain meds between O and AF besides tylonol and the one baby asprin. She said too much asprin causes the baby not to implant. Moral of the story, double check with your doc!

  5. Thanks girls!Lindsey – That's good to know! I definitely don't want to over-do it! But I do have elevated clotting. I'll check with my doc and see what he thinks.

  6. I totally understanding not wanting to get your hopes up for a natural cycle, but I'm hoping for you! Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to be one of those miracle cases???

  7. This is my last cycle before Clomid. I too have my hopes up that this last natural cycle will be the one. I have my fingers crossed for you!!

  8. Isn't it sad that we have to temper our hope for fear of the let down? Glad to hear your natural cycle is behaving and thinking good thoughts for you – why shouldn't you be one of those miracle stories?

  9. I used to get really moody post-O, I've even been diagnosed with PMDD (Pre-mestrual Dysphoric Disorder). After my loss my post-O temps are higher and I seem to get moody when AF hits rather than after O, though I still get the physical post-O signs. I'm sure part of the moodiness is the disappointment of getting AF. I know exactly what you mean about hating that your hopes get up. I'm starting to feel that way too. Lots of hugs and luck to you! It would be awesome to see you get your miracle BFP on a natural cycle!

  10. Lisa, That's so wonderful to hear! I know what you mean by getting your hopes up with treatment cycles which always seem to be more disappointing than a natural cycle. I think it's the TTC bitterness that makes us more prone to be "guarded" for our emotions. I sure hope this is a good sign with all these AWESOME signs of good, strong O! That just sounds funky the way I worded that. So here's to getting a BFP naturally!!! πŸ™‚ You're in my prayers!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I get moody around O. I think you should give yourself a little credit and a lot of love. You are working so much and I bet you are exhausted. When I'm tired, everything is worse! FXed for a natural bfp, Lisa! ❀

  12. I've never been through IVF but I've had two M/C's. That's the one upside to having them – before I never had a regular cycle, and now it's like clockwork. Celebrate it!

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