Career changes and more thoughts on my new diagnosis

Career-wise: As I spoke of in this recent post, I’m UNofficially leaving my job at Children’s Hospital! The reason I say UNofficially, is that I told them I would stay on as “contingent”. This means I’ll work occasionally to help them out. I kind of don’t want to do that, but I feel bad because they are already short-staffed. Sigh, I’m always such a pushover and a people-pleaser.

I guess it will be good for me though. I can make some extra money, and I can pick which days I want to work. I can always say no if they ask me to work. I think the requirement to stay on as contingent, is to work only once or twice a month. I’ll probably do a little more than that though. My last day with my regular schedule is next Thursday 3/10/11. I think this will relieve a LOT of stress for me, so YAY!

I’m going to pick up more hours at my other job in home health care. It’s hard work, but it’s slower-paced and less stressful. It’s really rewarding, and I feel like I’m making more of a difference there vs. my job at Children’s Hospital. I feel like I can devote more time and attention, as well as fulfill my patients’ needs better in home health care. Plus, working in someone’s home is more laid back than working in a busy, hectic hospital clinic.


TTC-wise: I’m only on CD 6, so it’ll be awhile before my next cycle and IUI #6. I ordered some Lovenox from a girl online, incase my doctor won’t fill it early enough. I’ll have enough to start after ovulation through my TWW. I feel like I’m doing something wrong/sneaky because my doctor only wants to start Lovenox when I get a BFP. I feel like that will be too late to start it. Who knows if it will even help, but it won’t hurt anything. I’m going to talk to him again before my next cycle and see what he thinks about starting it earlier.

I’m also going to ask about steroids. With all of my autoimmune symptoms (see this post), and my new diagnosis of a blood clotting disorder in the autoimmune family (Elevated Antiphosphatidylserine IGM), I am curious about taking Prednisone or some equivalent. Again, I don’t know if it will help, but I’m willing to try and it won’t hurt anything. I wonder if my body might be rejecting the embryo, thus causing my early losses.

I have my doubts. My egg quality is poor – which is enough reason in itself for early losses. Although, after FIVE losses, it has me thinking that there could be some other factor. You would think I could make it past 5 weeks at least once. That there would be ONE egg, ONE embryo AT LEAST that would have progressed further. Especially my 2 perfect embryos with IVF #2. They can’t all be chromosomal abnormalities?! We had genetic testing, and everything is normal. Heck, even my FSH is at a much better level now. So why…why…why…why is all I can ask?!!!? So frustrating.

I’m not going to put all my hope into Lovenox or steroids, etc – but I want to know that I’ve tried everything. And if it still doesn’t work, we’ll look into other options. I just need to know that we gave it our best shot. Then, we’ll go from there. I definitely still have some fight left in me for the time being. Let’s do this! Infertility – I’m coming after you, with a vengeance! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Career changes and more thoughts on my new diagnosis

  1. lovenox online? hmmmbeing canadian this is interesting to me i would go for that, know anyone who sells femara or clomid online as well GL with more time on the new job!!! im glad the stress level will be reduced 😀

  2. Im glad you still have some fight left in you. I definately understand trying everything you could. I felt the same way. We did everything we could. It does give you some peace of mind.

  3. Good for you for reducing stress-levels in your working life. Your TTC journey is really enough stress for 10 people already. It's great that you're exploring all your options as well. I agree, it's definitely worth trying before moving on to other options. Good luck with this cycle!

  4. i'm right there with ya! i just don't know where to go with all the information that i have. prednisone/dexamethosone can't hurt. i'd say definitely try them! i wish you and i could have some more solid answers.

  5. I'm glad you are choosing the career path that will make you happy! Loving what you do every day is SO important. I don't agree with your doctor about taking the lovenox AFTER a BFP. I think you should see how it will affect your system NOW vs when you a sensitivd little bean in there.

  6. I totally get how a new diagnosis is like a breath of fresh air, it's renewed Hope that perhaps this darn situation is fixable, and I believe it is Lisa. I think your intuition is right about it being a hinderance on your success and I am so glad you ordered the meds, sometimes the doctors are not right. I said it!!! Sometimes they don't know everything and I think if we team up with them, we can produce some pretty amazing results when our heads come together.Good luck with the job transition. Xoxoxoxox

  7. Congrats on the new job set up – I hope you enjoy it. It's always better to have a job that you enjoy and doesn't stress you out. Can't wait to hear how the new meds go.

  8. I love your attitude about the meds – this is great! And so very excited about your job change – I think this will help you a ton!

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