There’s something (else) wrong with me!!! (Labs)

My RE’s office called with my bloodwork results! Everything is normal, except for one thing. I’m excited to say I have elevated Antiphosphatidylserine IGM! LOL. It’s a blood clotting disorder in the autoimmune category. Which is interesting, because I recently posted this entry.

I’m actually really happy about this diagnosis because 1) it’s treatable and 2) maybe, just maybe this could be the reason for my 5 early losses! MAYBE my losses are not solely due to my poor eggs/DOR/POF, although I’m sure those things are also contributing factors.

My RE didn’t seem very concerned about this new diagnosis. In a way, that’s good. I know it’s not serious. On the other hand, I think we should take it somewhat seriously, considering all my losses and heartache. He wants to treat it with baby aspirin, but I’ve been taking baby aspirin FOREVER and it hasn’t helped. Obviously it’s not enough of a blood thinner if I was on it when I got the test done and it was STILL elevated. Anyway, I demanded (in a nice way) to do Lovenox injections with my next treatment cycle, and he said he would accommodate me. Although, he said he felt like it was a little “over-kill”. Hmmph. I don’t really care – I’ll try anything!!

The other thing he said, that I didn’t like so much, was that I can only start Lovenox when I get a BFP! ??? That seems to defeat the purpose to me. I usually start losing my little bean within a few days. I don’t see how it will help. I feel like I should start taking it right after ovulation, in hopes that it will help my bean stay sticky.

What are your experiences with Lovenox? Or do you know someone who has taken it? Have you heard of people taking it during an IUI cycle right after ovulation? We are planning to do an IUI with my next cycle in April. I thought about ordering my Lovenox early.

If he doesn’t take this seriously, I wonder if I should speak to another doctor and get their opinion? I wonder if I should see an Immunologist, regular Endocrinologist, or even a Hematologist? I know this isn’t serious or life-threatening or anything like that. I just want my losses to be taken seriously and get my take home baby!!


26 thoughts on “There’s something (else) wrong with me!!! (Labs)

  1. One other thought, I got a positive antiphospholipid syndrome test at one point but since they were in the "normal" range when I was tested about 6 weeks later, they dismissed that as a problem. I don't understand why but it is *very* frustrating. With further testing they found a PAI-1 mutation as well so now he is taking it a little more seriously, but I STILL had to push for Lovenox.And the reason my OB won't start until after a 5w ultrasound is that if you have an ectopic pregnancy while on blood thinnner, it can be very dangerous. But he is a high risk OB, not an RE so he isn't dealing with patients who struggle to get pregnant.I hope the Lovenox turns out to be the answer for you!

  2. Thank you for the advice/input/comments! I know that this issue is minor and maybe Lovenox won't be the answer. It's hard to tell. But I feel like I want to know that I've tried everything. And then if I can't get pregnant/stay pregnant, we'll pursue other options. I feel like I have a small glimmer of hope that maybe this could be contributing to my losses.Thanks girls!!!

  3. This is good news friend! Having an answer, and especially one that is treatable, is so amazing! I've got fingers crossed that getting this under control will do the trick!

  4. I actually had to be on Lovenox before IVF and through my entire pregnancy…and then for 6wks after delivery….I also was on Baby Asprin and I had one copy of MTHF/Factor 13 and most RE's would say Lovenox was not necessary until I had an IVF and overstimed then ended up with a blood clot in my lung so they then decided that it was essential that I be on Lovenox there on out….I did see a RI and she is the one who managed my dose the entire pregnancy because in my first trimester she would check the doppler blood flow of my uterus and then second trimester the placenta…if the blood flow was off she would either decrease or increase my Lovenox dependant on what the US would say about bloodflow…I would have this test done weekly my first trimester…then everyother week in my second trimester…then in the third switched to a test for doppler flow of the umbilical cord…but def Bloodflow is really important and def plays a role in early loss…because if your uterus doesnt get good blood flow how is an embryo supposed to grow and attach nourish by the body? Hope this helps

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