I’m SO boring! And changes.

I’m SO boring to myself right now, so sorry readers! Things have definitely quieted down on my blog since my IVF cycle in January. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, plus I’m working 7 days a week right now. And I kind of feel like a broken record when I do post.

This Thursday will be 2 weeks since I got my labs done for RPL. I wonder if they will call soon with the results?! I know some of the tests take quite awhile. And they probably want to have everything in before discussing the results with me. I’m pretty anxious to find out what’s wrong, if anything.

I’m thinking about leaving my job at Children’s Hospital. If you read this post, you’ll understand partly why. There are other reasons, as well. We are always short staffed, which is stressful. Plus, my infertility coverage has ALREADY reached its lifetime max (in the 1.5 years I’ve been there!). That didn’t take long!

Another thing that has recently become a problem with my job at Children’s – The longer I go without kids of my own, the harder it is to be around other people’s kids. 😦 Is that terrible of me?! I just look at the babies and cute kiddos, and my heart aches.

I’m considering going full time at my new (part time) job in home health care. I really enjoy the nature of the work and the manageable/flexible schedule. I did it years ago, and I now realize how much I love it. It’s much harder to care for sick kids in poor situations vs. elderly people. Don’t get me wrong, it still breaks my heart to see anyone suffering, but at least the elderly folks are comfortable and have led a long, fulfilling life.

I found this interesting site that explains which states mandate infertility coverage…and my state is one of them! I’m considering buying a private/individual plan with really good coverage and a low deductible. I’m looking into it now. The only thing is, you can’t ask about infertility coverage or they will deny you for a pre-existing condition. Bull-sh*t!!


13 thoughts on “I’m SO boring! And changes.

  1. Im happy Im not the only one feeling boring. Im still posting but feel like its not as eventful as ttc.I think you should do what makes you happy. If its too hard to work at childrens then thats ok.I hope you get your results soon. Waiting is the worst!!!

  2. You have to do what is right for you regarding the job situation. I bet it's so incredibly hard working there. I just read your previous post – wow, those situations are tough! Hang in there!

  3. I don't think it's wrong that it's hard for you to work with children. My husband works at Children's Hospital (Phila) and it is so hard for him somedays. Me? I was a counselor and therapist to children for several years and I had to step away and work with adults. It was too hard on me with the infertility too. You have to take care of yourself.

  4. I think it would be really hard to have a job taking care of other people's children all day. I about started sobbing on the train the other day watching this beautiful little girl interact with her mother. As for home health care, I think it is a really wonderful job. The woman that took care of my grandmother last year has a really special place in my heart. She helped my grandmother's last days end in laughter, dignity, and sympathy. She took pictures of my grandparents that I treasure…she captured small moments in her last months that I missed and I so appreciated that there was someone with her that saw the value in those moments. You can have a big impact on people struggling through possibly the hardest time in their life. Go for it. I hope you get the RPL results soon.

  5. Lisa,I know exactly what you mean about feeling boring. I've been there (about TTC) for over a year now, didn't know what to talk about. I say go for the full time Health Care job. FOr sure! Change is good and maybe the 'inner' stress you've been experiencing all this time was due to this job. I'm encouraging you!As for individual plans. Apply for BlueCross Blueshield (Carefirst) PPO plan. That's what we did and got 3 IVF's covered at 80% each time. It was worth it! Yes, don't mention anything about fertility just incase. They do ask too on the application, but say No.Good Luck!

  6. I completely understand how you are feeling about your job at Children's Hospital right now and no, that's not terrible of you! It's good to hear that you are enjoying your job in home health care. I think that would be a great idea to do that full-time. Good luck with everything.

  7. i know exactly how you feel working around kids. i work in the nicu, and it breaks my heart to see some of the babies there for weeks to months by themselves with no visits from their parents. meanwhile i would give anything to have one of my own! best of luck in all you do!

  8. I think it is awesome you live in one of those states!!! It was my understanding that as long as you don't have a lapse in coverage, you can't be denied based on pre-existing conditions…check it out bc that is how it is in NC at least. I understand now being able to or having a difficult time working with kids. When I started nursing I wanted to do peds and now looking back, I am glad I was offered my other job first bc it would pull at those heart strings WAY too hard!

  9. I agree with the other girls – I think it would be really hard to work at a Children's Hospital when dealing with IF. Plus, if it's made you realize that you love home health care, you should go for it.

  10. I agree with the other girls, you need to change to the full time health home care option. I am a teacher and it saddens me when I see children who are not well cared for, but at least I have them fairly healthy and have lots of time to work with them and see them progress over time. On another note, I don't find your blog boring or your posts boring. We are all on different spots of this journey, but no matter where you are, I am so glad I found you. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I hope things work out for you!

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