It’s a start

I haven’t had my WTF appt yet (as in WTF went wrong with my IVF cycle). I have been playing phone tag with my doc over the past couple days. A phone consult would be cool with me, so I don’t have to drive to Cinci in the bad weather.

Yesterday, I left a message requesting more testing (with specific tests) I’d like to have done. My doc left me a message today stating that he agreed more testing was in order. There were a few things my previous doctor didn’t bother to do. My doc’s going to have the nurse mail a lab order, and we will start with bloodwork.

We’ll see what the labs reveal, if anything, and decide whether or not to do a Lap. I probably won’t do the Lap for a little while anyway, mostly due to financial reasons.

We will discuss later what else might need to be done treatment-wise or diagnostically. I am considering abandoning my eggs, as they have brought me nothing but loss and disappointment. But I’m not ready, nor do I have all of the facts to make a solid decision regarding that choice. It’s a tough one.

Our best bet would probably be embryo adoption, since egg donor cycles are SO expensive. We’ll see what happens though. I know it may seem premature to abandon my eggs, but we have to be realistic and consider financial and emotional factors. I’m also going to look into foster parenting…and possibly adoption. One thing at a time though. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Right now, I’m back on my supplements, doing acupuncture, and dealing with a nasty painful AF. CD 1 sucks, especially with a chemical pregnancy. I’m working, despite my desire to stay in bed all day. It’s better to stay occupied, I guess. I’m hanging in there. Thanks for all the support.


22 thoughts on “It’s a start

  1. I am so sorry for your loss…I lost 4 little babes all in the first trimester before becoming pregnant and soon to be momma…Discovered I had severe immune issues and with this last IVF went full force with treatments including IVIG…I am now almost 37wks so Miracles do happen…never give up on your dreams:) The hubs and I went through many years of hell to get to where we are right now and it is all worth it even at the darkest of times when things seem impossible trust me there are still possibilities just have to have the right team:) Take Care

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