My baby is a slow cooker

I’m finally getting some progression with my pee sticks now at 11dp3dt (=14dpo). It’s just been slow going. I was feeling worried, but today I feel a bit more confident. My beta is tomorrow, and all that matters is that the hcg doubles appropriately. I guess I’ll get a repeat beta either on Saturday or Monday. Then an u/s around 6 weeks.

I am 4 weeks today! Usually around this time (with all my losses), my pee sticks start getting lighter, I begin feeling really crampy, and my body prepares to let go of the pregnancy. I’m not having any of those problems now though! That is definitely reassuring. I’m beginning to feel more symptoms, but I don’t feel pregnant yet. It’s too early.

I’ve been having STRANGE vivid dreams. Last night I dreamed that I had a rather large penis, and I kept getting a boner! LOL! My BBs are starting to get a little bit tender, I’m peeing more frequently, feeling bloated and tired, and feeling really warm.

I’m scared to let myself get too excited or invested yet. But I find myself already thinking that this could finally be IT! I’m such an emotional person. I can’t stop these feelings. I hope I don’t get my heart broken again.

(Top – yesterday, Bottom – Today)

(Top – yesterday, Bottom – Today)


26 thoughts on “My baby is a slow cooker

  1. Have you tried First Responses or Answer tests? The + tests always seemed to be slower at getting dark for me. I'm so excited – we're pregnant together now!!!

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