100 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!!

I am so grateful that I have met so many wonderful ladies. You are all warriors and an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for the continued support. ♥ I would love to offer a token of my appreciation! I will be choosing 3 lucky winners for this giveaway!

Prize #1:
The photo says 2, but it’s a 3 pack of FRERs

Prize #2:
A yoga DVD to improve fertility

Prize #3:
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (This is a great book for anyone, TTC or not)

Alternate gift for moms-to-be or possibly a 4th winner for a really good answer?:

How to play:
It’s simple to win! All I ask is that you leave a comment with the answer to one or more of the following questions:
~How do you know me or how did you find my blog?
~And what do you like most about my blog?
~Do you have a favorite blog post of mine, and why?
~Is there something that we have in common (IF or otherwise – check out my “About Us” page)?
~What has been your biggest struggle or obstacle during your IF journey?

***If you answer more than one question (in separate posts) you will have more chances to win! The winners will be generated randomly, but I will be looking for great answers, too! Even the new folks can win, as long as you are a follower! I’m so looking forward to your answers!! Good luck, and thank you for playing along! The contest will close on Friday 1/21/11 & I’ll announce the winners, so please get those answers in soon! 🙂


59 thoughts on “100 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!!

  1. What I like most about your blog is the detailed technical information. I am an info junkie and I like that you tell us exactly what you are going through.

  2. Oops, I didn't mean to delete that post, just fix it!!It said I liked your PUPO post best. Such a happy day and the picture of your baby is adorable!

  3. I am going to go the non-IF route. We appparently have lots in common. We both like the Dead, and other music. We both like kitties and pets. And apparently two of our favorite comedians we have in common- Dimitri Martin and Mike Birbiglia. As far as the IF route- we both have loss. And that sucks! Good luck to you!

  4. I know you from TWW. I took notice of you because you wear scrubs in your avatar, and I always thought, "Hm, she must know what she's talking about." hehe then, I noticed how supportive and nice and positive you are with your posts, and you always said nice things even when I posted BFNs. Just from your posts, and from stumbling upon your blog and following your journey, I can tell that you are a genuine good person, and I can't wait to follow your pregnancy.

  5. We have a lot more in common than I knew! (i read the 'about us' page. haha) We are both 28, love animals, and love to travel. We also seem to have similar tastes in music. And of course, there's that 'simple' task of getting pregnant…I also went to nursing school, thought I haven't finished yet.

  6. Well, I haven't been following you for long, pretty much since December, the time when I decided to open my blog and entered it into ICLW, and there I found you! 🙂

  7. belief or positivity…that is my hardest obstacle with IF. Looking to the future and knowing things will be okay and we will somehow, have the family we are dreaming about…

  8. ~I found your blog on 2WW, and you're on of the nice girlfriends in there :)~Besides we're both TTC, I see your positivity, bravery and honesty on your posts.~Yea,when you found out you have 9 embies and that one time when DH is PMS-ing (reminds of my my DH too on this whole process!lol).~I'm smitten with my cat, I only have one though. I love travelling and music too.~Finding out that getting pregnant is not as easy as I thought. And finding out 2 months ago, that I got pregnant but it turned out negative.. something I'm not over yet. Glad to have you as one of my bloggy friends! Congrats on having 100+ followers and upcoming BFP (I know!)!! 🙂

  9. I really like your short summary on your sidebar. I hate when you're reading a blog and you can't exactly remember what all has happened (we ALL know it happens when you read several blogs!) and I have a terrible memory!

  10. I have to ask..Have you ever been put on a 81mg baby aspirin for the recurrent losses??? I was and got pregnant in Sept 2009 and gave birth May 2010 to a healthy baby girl!! It doesnt hurt to add it. It helps with implantation. There is even a clinical research study on it.

  11. ~How do you know me or how did you find my blog?I saw your comments on other ladies' blogs and checked yours out – I felt we had a lot in common in our infertility journeys, I loved your writing style, and saw that we'd be going through IVF at the same time. Best "follow" add ever!

  12. ~Is there something that we have in common (IF or otherwise – check out my "About Us" page)?We definitely have RPL in common, which is unfortunate for both of us but now we're PUPO together so we can hopefully have kids at the same time!

  13. ~What has been your biggest struggle or obstacle during your IF journey?Mine has definitely been emotional/mental – I have cut pretty much everyone out of my life that might even upset me with their ability to have kids or if they're possibly going to have kids. It's a very lonely existence.

  14. -What do we both have in common?Both got married around the same time (pretty sure I read somewhere April? We are April 14th ;)), both took depo before trying to conceive, both started TTC'ing around same time, and started our blogs around the same time! Oh yeah, and good old infertility!

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