It feels surreal

After my previous experience with IVF, my old doctor, my poor ovarian reserve, and everything else we’ve been through, I kind of thought we wouldn’t make to ET. I tried to stay positive, but in the back of my mind, I figured my eggs would not be good enough.

My old doctor figured all along that my eggs were bad quality. I am so shocked and amazed that we have 2 picture perfect embies and 1 so-so one. I had prepared myself for the worst news yesterday prior to ET.

I am so incredibly grateful for this chance. I still cry when I think about it. I know this doesn’t guarantee a successful cycle, but we have learned that my eggs are NOT all bad! It’s such a good feeling. A chance at a biological child!!

The actual procedure for ET was really easy. The nurse put me in a special negative pressure room to keep any outside germs, etc from getting to my embryos. She helped prop me up on the table with my lady parts fully exposed, just like ER. The doctor scrubbed my lady parts, and then asked the embryologist for my embies. He put the catheter (with embies inside) through my cervix and into my uterus. Within a few seconds, I was PUPO! I only felt a tiny cramp when the catheter went in. Totally painless. The doctor gave the embryologist my catheter afterwards, to make sure all embies were out of the catheter and in my uterus. They also used an u/s on top of my belly to visualize where to put the embies. I had to have a full bladder so that the uterus was pushed up into view.

I’m feeling good today. I’m taking it REALLY easy until I go back to work on Wednesday. DH is helping out with things. He was so sweet last night. He rubbed my belly gently and said “goodnight babies”…awww. 🙂

I see that I have over 100 followers now! Thank you soooo much everyone. I promise to do the giveaway this week, so keep an eye out. : -)

Oh, and I tested to see if the trigger was gone. It’s very faint:


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