Waiting for the call about my 3 embies. I sure hope they are still growing strong. I feel like I love them already πŸ™‚

My DH and I want to thank you all SO much from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support. It has really meant the world to us, and we believe it has made a big difference.

I had some wicked night sweats last night. They said I could get a little feverish from the ER. I’m on antibiotics to ward off infection. It might be the progesterone making me super warm. I’m still feeling sore, but I think it’s a little better.

I have a couple friends that could use your support, too.

First of all, Aub, has received some bad news about her hubby’s S/A. They are told that IVF w/ ICSI is their only option. Click here to wish her luck and give her virtual hugs.

~C~ has had a tough year already. She is 27 with DOR/POF and just had a failed IVF cycle. She posted her info from her WTF appt and could use some support. Click here to check in on her.

Christa is getting close to ER!! Please click here to wish her luck!

Hugs and love to all!


9 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. This is the worst part of the cycle, by far, because all you do is sit around and wait to hear. It's the 2ww on steroids. I hope they call soon with an update and that those embies are going strong! Thanks for the shoutout, too πŸ™‚

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