The Fertilization Report

They just called. My heart was racing.

Out of 9 eggs – 6 were mature – all 6 fertilized with ICSI – but 3 embies made it and 3 did not.

So I’ll be literally putting all my eggs in one basket on Saturday. They are going to call and update me tomorrow (Friday).

I asked if there was a good chance of all 3 making it to Saturday and the nurse said yes. She said once they start dividing, they usually keep growing.

I’m not going to lie, I feel a little upset because I kind of thought we would do better with 9 eggs. However, I am SO grateful that we still have a chance. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m taking anything for granted.

It would mean the world to me to transfer all 3 on Saturday. I hope they all survive. I’m worried! Please grow little babies!

It’s so strange to think that I have 3 little babies in a lab 2 hours away. I just want to nurture them already! My heart is aching for those little babies to get put back in.

Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!


29 thoughts on “The Fertilization Report

  1. via LFCACongratulations on having 3 embies growing in readiness for transfer. I too had "only" 3 embies..and the result was my precious son (turned 7 today!). I hope that you have success also. May all go perfectly with your transfer, I'll be sending out grow and stick-around vibes!

  2. My ER was pretty much identical to yours & we had the same fertilization report!! We did a 3dt of 3embies and have one lovable 2 year old! Praying for you girl!!!

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