The Egg Retrieval

We gave ourselves plenty of time to arrive in Cincinnati on time yesterday. It had snowed the night before and was still snowing lightly, so we wanted to take our time getting there. I decided to drive on the way there, and Andy would drive on the way home.

We were more than halfway there when we wrecked! I was going between 65-70mph (the roads were pretty clear). The wind started blowing like crazy though, and my car started to wobble a bit. I let myself slow down without braking, but we must have hit a slick patch. Before I knew it, I had NO control over the steering. My car did a 180, slid across 2 lanes of traffic to the other side of the road, and landed in the ditch. We were spinning so fast that I thought we would flip or that it was going to be a really bad wreck. Luckily we landed just right. NO damage at all to my car, and we did not get harmed in the slightest bit. Then I thought we were going to be stuck in the ditch, but miraculously, we were able to get out fairly easily. We both were really shaken up, but we were so thankful that everything was okay. Someone was definitely watching out for us.

I had an order to take 5mg of Valium at 9:45am, which was when we arrived at the clinic. That definitely helped calm my nerves, but I was still pretty high strung after the accident. The nurse took me back into the recovery area at 10:15am to prep me before going into the operating room. At this time, Andy was giving his “sample”. The nurse had me change into a hospital gown and put on a hair net type thing. She tried putting the IV in 3 times before she got it. They started me on IV fluid and antibiotics for a few minutes. Then Andy reappeared and I kissed him goodbye before getting wheeled into the operating room. I was so nervous.

I had to lie on a table with my legs up in there air. Totally exposed! They have these things that cradle your legs, instead of stirrups. It was actually pretty comfortable, but awkward at the same time. My doctor came in and started “scrubbing” my lady parts with antiseptic solution. That was uncomfortable. The nurse started pushing sedatives into my IV, but I wasn’t feeling any effects. My doc laughed and said I was an expensive date. I did not find that funny at the time. LOL. They kept putting more and more drugs into my IV. I finally started to feel more relaxed and kind of high, but I was very alert and could feel everything! I was freaking out a little at that point! I wanted to be asleep. 😦

My doc took out a big needle to start numbing my lady parts from the inside out. Ouchies! I could feel every needle prick inside my cervix. I kept crying out, and the nurse kept holding my hand and telling me how great I was doing. I tried to take deep breaths and think to myself that “this will be worth it”. It wasn’t horrible, but it did hurt. It got a tiny bit better after he was done numbing me.

Then he took out another instrument, with a needle attached, to start the egg retrieval process. This instrument made it possible for him to pass through the cervix and get to my ovaries & eggs. He also used the u/s wand to visualize where he was going. I felt a lot of pressure first. I definitely wasn’t numb enough, because I felt every prick of the needle that extracted my eggs. I was still crying out each time, but they kept telling me to hang in there. The nurse by my side was really supportive and made it a little easier for me. Again, it wasn’t horrible, but it definitely hurt.

I’d say from the time the doc started cleaning my lady parts, to the time he finished extracting my eggs, we were done in about 15 minutes. The embryologist was there to take my eggs. I asked how many we got and they said NINE! I immediately burst into tears (of joy) and thanked my doctor profusely. He just rubbed my shoulders and told me not to cry because Andy would think he hurt me. He DID hurt me, but I didn’t care at that point.

They took me right out to Andy in the recovery room. I could see his love for me, written all over his face. It looked like he was going to cry. The doctor had already told him we got NINE eggs, and I could tell he was really surprised and excited. The first thing I did was ask Andy to get my phone so I could update everyone. LOL. The nurse gave me a Coke and some crackers, which tasted awesome because I couldn’t eat or drink for 12 hours prior to the procedure. I felt crampy and sore, but GREAT. I was over the moon about my eggies. I told the nurses about my old doctor who said to give up on IVF and a little about my story. They seemed genuinely compassionate about my prior experiences and excited about my retrieval. I cried a little more (again tears of joy). Even though it was an uncomfortable and pretty painful experience, I felt like it was definitely worth it.

They gave me a pad to wear and told me that spotting and cramping was normal. I noticed a little pink spotting right away. They also instructed me to take extra strength Tylenol for pain. I had to stay long enough for them to monitor my blood pressure a few more times, because I was running pretty high. I think the highest was 148/95 or something. It ended up going down soon enough.

I hope this story doesn’t scare anyone off from doing IVF. It IS totally worth every single uncomfortable thing you go through if it brings you your baby πŸ™‚ I hope it all pays off! πŸ™‚

**Fertilization report will be in about 2 hours or less!!**


15 thoughts on “The Egg Retrieval

  1. Wow that is quite a story Lisa!!!! I cannot you believe your spin out left you unharmed and untouched, definately angels watching over you!I will admitt I am a bit freaked out that you felt everything! You are one tough cookie and I am super proud and impressed, of you and your 9 eggs. What a lovely cycle….I can't wait to sit and wait with you now. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! It sounds like you guys had a pretty stressful time getting there. I'm so happy you guys are safe! It does sound a little scary, but I agree with you, no pain no gain. And to get nine eggs! Wow! So happy for you. Can't wait for the fertilization report! πŸ™‚

  3. oh no on all fronts. I am so glad you are ok, but how frightening!! I am sorry that you were not out for the retrieval, I have always been put out with a twillight anesthesia. I wonder why your RE does not use that.either way, great news on the 9 eggs, makes it all worth it in the end. Hang in there and good luck with the fertilization report.

  4. First of all, that's great news about the eggs. Were they all mature? Second, I can't believe you FELT all of that? Why didn't they give you more anethesia??? My IVF cycle in August I could feel it as well, but it sounds like you *REALLY* felt it. Yuck.I hope they all fertilize!

  5. Thanks ladies! I was supposed to be under twilight sedation, but it didn't work for me. I told them I had an upper Endoscopy with twilight sedation that didn't work, but there wasn't much they could do. They maxed out the drugs. I think it's a pretty UNcommon response. Still no news yet! I don't know if they were all mature. I hope most of them were!Thank you all!

  6. I can't believe you weren't sedated! I definitely liked being sedated more than your story… But you're right, it's all worth it! Nine eggs!!! So happy for you!

  7. Awww, your IVF story made me cry. I'm so happy for you and your DH and those 9 eggs!!Like you said, all of that discomfort you felt will be worth it if you get a baby out of this :DAnd so crazy about your accident!! I'm glad no one was hurt!

  8. Lisa, you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry about your accident, so glad no one was hurt. Obviously someone was looking out for you both as you were on your way to get your take home baby! I can't wait to see your update about the fertilization!!!! Good luck sweetie, you got this now! HUGS!

  9. Wow. You had one hell of a trip didn't you? And I'm so mad that you had to feel anything during the retrieval and while we can say it'll be worth it, WTF anyway, right? I hope you're healing well and I'm on the edge of my freakin' seat waiting for your fertilization report!!!!

  10. Ok Im not going to lie to you, I cried reading this. I prayed out loud that God will bless you with many embies, enough for now and later!!! Anxiously waiting your fertilization report!!!

  11. Wait, how did I miss this post? THEY DIDN'T PUT YOU OUT?!!?!?!? OMG. Bastards. My anesthesiologist asked me if I'm a big drinker because my liver "chewed through" the anesthesia. It seems everyone I talk to who's ever had anesthesia says the same thing. I think these docs just wanna make us all feel like addicts πŸ˜‰

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