Baseline u/s and labs

Good news first…I had my baseline u/s and labs today. Everything looks good – no cysts! I am good to go for starting my meds tomorrow!

Now some bad news…I only have 6 antral follies. This means we will have very few eggs to work with. I already knew it would be less than ideal, since I only had 7 antral follies with IVF #1. My ovaries are so pitiful, BUT surprisingly, I still feel pretty positive!

My new RE is hopeful that we might be able to recruit a couple more follies with all of these meds. Or at least get all my current follies growing. He says I’m on his most aggressive protocol. I trust that, and I believe it can work.

I go back on Thursday of next week for my first follie check. I will feel relieved once I see that we aren’t having a repeat of my first IVF attempt. With IVF #1, I only had 4 follies growing at my first follie check. Then 2 of them pretty much shriveled up a couple days later, and we had to convert to IUI.

Please Lord, let this new doctor and new set of meds work for me! I’m trying my best to have faith and stay confident.

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!!!


11 thoughts on “Baseline u/s and labs

  1. It only takes one in the end, plus I was reading about it and it sounds like plenty of women have had successful IVF with 6 antral follies…keep the faith!

  2. Lisa, I love how positive you are feeling! Things are going to get exciting in the next couple of weeks for you! Can't wait to hear all about it! 🙂

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