Hello spot!

I just peed in a cup, dipped my FRER, and wiped…….and there was spotting. I was just starting to feel like *maybe* I was pregnant! Oh AF, you tricky devil! How dare she be late and let me get my hopes up a little! LOL.

I’m really okay with it though. I was begging AF to come for the past week. Then when I DIDN’T want her to come (because I thought there was a SLIM chance of being pregnant), well that’s when she comes. *rolls eyes* It’s kind of funny, but irritating at the same time.

Hopefully she’ll come in full force, so I can call my doc and get started with my IVF cycle!! Woot! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Hello spot!

  1. I know, I have figured out the way to get my AF to start . . . . take a PG test. Seriously I get it within 4 hours of a test.Yay, now on to starting your IVF!!!!

  2. It funny how our body knows. It never failed when I thought I was I took a test and with in a day to even a few hours AF always arrived. Hope you can get started soon!

  3. I totally did the exact same thing just two days ago! The funny thing was that I had a dream a few nights before about poas and getting AF at the same time. Ugh. This stuff really messes with our heads! I'm still soooo excited for your IVF! You're going to get that baby that you've dreamed of, I just know it!

  4. AF has pulled that one with me so many times. I am waiting, waiting, and then just when I finally pull the pregnancy test out of its little plastic covering, and make it so it can not be used ever again…BAM…spotting! Well, at least you can get started now on your IVF cycle. Fingers crossed tightly for you!

  5. I'm with everyone else. Take a test and there she is! And then I wonder why I had to waste a test. :/ So excited for your IVF cycle! Bring on 2011! πŸ™‚

  6. You have a great attitude, which will take you through this next cycle. You are an example of how gratitude works at its best; being grateful for the birth of your nephew and your sister's wellbeing, even though in the best of all possible worlds, you would have been having your own baby too. I hope that it will be your turn next.Best wishes for the new year.Lisa (ICLW 74 Your Great Life)

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