A baby was born

Yesterday was my due date for angel baby #3. And a baby was born. It was my nephew. Dominic Gabriel ~ 8lb 2oz. I’m so happy for my sister. She had a rough pregnancy, so I’m glad everyone is doing well. It is a little bittersweet for me though. In a way, I’m happy that a baby, as special as my nephew, can have my baby’s birthday. It will be a way to make that day a happy one. Love you Amber and Dominic. ♥

Edit to add a picture of my handsome nephew:


11 thoughts on “A baby was born

  1. oh definately bitter-sweet. Does that mean you and your sister were due around the same time?!he is lovely, a sight for sore eyes I am sure. Congrats Auntie- one day it will be your own announcement!

  2. Congrats on your nephew! Enjoy him, nieces and nephews are so much fun and great practice! It will be you soon, showing off pics of your sweet newborn!

  3. Awe Lisa! Hugs i feel with you… but still kinda odd that Nephew was born on your EDD… a gift from above for sure, i wouldnt doubt if you and him have a great bond!!!! hows the IVF getting readys goin?

  4. Thanks ladies. I am actually very happy and honored to have my nephew born that day. She was actually due in January, so I think it's pretty awesome that he came that day! 🙂

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