Come on AF! Go away cold!

My ticker says 1 day until IVF #2! EEK! So exciting! 🙂 AF likes to play games and not show up when I actually want her to. I tested today @ 11dpo and got a BFN. It’s totally fine though – I was expecting a BFN. It is an odd feeling to be okay with a BFN and want AF to come.

I still have a wicked bad chest & head cold. Girls, I have been trying everything to get rid of it! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 🙂 I couldn’t even sleep last night because I kept waking up and not being able to breathe.

Getting AF and being rid of this cold is all I want for Christmas this year. LOL. Well, really I’d like a late Christmas gift of a BFP come mid January! Please Santa, I have been good this year!!

Once AF comes, I’ll call the clinic. I’ll have to get a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork. Fingers crossed that I have NO cysts and my E2 is nice and low! I’ll be starting Clomid first (100mg CD 3-7) and then adding Follistim injections (325 units daily). The Ganirelix and Menopur injections will be added later. I cannot believe how fast this cycle is going to go. It’s unreal!!


17 thoughts on “Come on AF! Go away cold!

  1. How exciting! I hope af shows up soon. It is a weird feeling to want af to arrive. Im glad your excited! The only sugestion I have for your cold is use some vicks and maybe a humidifier.

  2. Good luck with your IVF!! I hope AF shows up soon!!One thing that has saved me from Colds is Neti Pot!! (you can google it). But it will only work if your sinuses are not blocked.Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW#50

  3. Yay Lisa!! Praying AF shows up on time so you can get this show on the road!i concur with sarah, I have heard great things about the Neti Pot (although I have never used it myself) Hope your feeling better soon. xoxoxoxox

  4. I hope that you feel better…. and I really hope that you have an AWESOME cycle this coming cycle and I hope that it is THE CYCLE for you! You are so excited and hopeful and it's so nice to see!Happy ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  5. I know that feeling of begging AF to hurry up from my last cycle, and you are right it is a little odd…though kind of nice and relaxing in a way. Wishing you all the best with the IVF cycle. So exciting!!!Feel better hun, and Merry Christmas!

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