Well, hello optimism!

HELLO OPTIMISM! It’s nice to see you again! 😀


I don’t know what’s gotten into me the past few days, but I am feeling GOOD! I was so devastated after our first IVF attempt ended in such a crappy way. I was scared to death of trying again. But now, I feel so hopeful!!

I still have realistic fears in the back of my mind, but for the most part, I am staying positive! I keep visualizing everything going as planned, getting a BFP, and seeing our baby via ultrasound. I hope those visualizations and positive thoughts help us become successful.

Has anyone ever read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? Supposedly good things will come to you if you use positive thinking. It’s a nice concept and all, but I’m not sure positive thinking can overcome EVERYTHING. It can’t hurt though!

Oh man, I’ll probably look back on this post later and gag. LOL. Or feel dumb 😦


21 thoughts on “Well, hello optimism!

  1. It's so important to stay optimistic. I really believe that you have to put positive thoughts out there into the universe to have any hope of seeing the end result you are hoping for. Wishing you all the best with this IVF cycle!

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