IVF class and estimated calendar for IVF #2

I had my appt yesterday for an IVF class. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t really feel the need to go, but it was a requirement as part of the process.

I met with a nurse to go over a checklist of things to do before we can start IVF. The list included infectious disease bloodwork (already did that last cycle), a comprehensive semen analysis for DH (also already did that), a 10 day course of strong antibiotics (don’t need to do again since we just did those in September & they are good for a year), prescriptions to be filled (my mail order pharmacy has the order & it’s ready to be shipped – I just have to make the call), and consent forms signed (which I turned in yesterday). So I’m already done with all those things – except ordering my meds! I also just have to give my old doctor’s office a records release, so they can send our testing and results to my new doctor’s office.

The nurse talked a little about my meds and how to administer them. It definitely helps that I’ve done injectibles before and that I’m a nurse. A couple of the meds I’ll be taking are totally new to me, but it will be fairly easy. There is some mixing and combining of powders and liquids involved – mostly with the Menopur. It seems pretty simple though.

Here is my estimated calendar. Of course I can’t be sure of the dates until AF comes. Also, I’m taking so many new different meds, it’ll be hard to judge how my body will react. The process will definitely be much faster than an average IVF cycle, since there are no BCPs or Lupron.

12/23/10 – Possible CD 1

12/24/10 – CD 2 – ultrasound and bloodwork
(If I have no cysts and my estrogen level is low enough, we can start. They also have to check my FSH level. Usually they do this on CD 3, but they can do it on CD 2 if necessary due to the holiday.)

12/25/10 – 12/31/10 – Clomid 100 mg (oral med) CD 3-7

12/29/10 – Overlap Clomid with Follistim 325 units daily (injectible) & continue Follistim until trigger time

? A few days after the start of Clomid and Follistim, we will start Menopur and Ganirelix injections. The idea is that Clomid and Follistim will “recruit” lots of follicles and begin their growth. Menopur is added to help mature and grow the follicles that are starting to pop up. Menopur contains LH, which helps “ripen” the eggies. Ganirelix stops ovulation from occurring before trigger and egg retrieval.

1/3/11 – Possible trigger (Ovidrel)

1/5/11 – Estimated egg retrieval

1/9/11 – Estimated embryo transfer

1/13/11 – Possible early test date! 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot! NO PIOs!! I’ll be taking progesterone suppositories 3 times a day though. I’ll take that over the shots!


6 thoughts on “IVF class and estimated calendar for IVF #2

  1. You have all your ducks in a row, must feel good! Here's to hoping the second time is a charm! And hopefully you wont end up with a Christmas appointment. xoxoxoxox

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