Cautiously pregnant…

I think it’s real at this point! I can hardly admit it yet though! I’m concerned about the tests getting lighter. Several people have said that possibly I still had some of the hcg booster in my system (mixing with my real hcg) causing darker tests for a couple days. The booster should be gone now, so let’s hope that this is a sticky bean! I’m scared to death! A little excited, but nervous! I’ve only ever had this end in a bad way. I’m asking for a beta tomorrow (Friday 14dpiui).


13 thoughts on “Cautiously pregnant…

  1. So happy you are getting your betas done today!! I'm praying for high sticky bean numbers!!! Tell them you NEED them today, a whole world wide web of women from all over the place is rooting for your BFP and we all NEED to know. Good luck Lisa, and Andy!! You guys will be great parents!!! HUGS!!!

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