New doctor!! New protocol!! New hope…

It was a long, crazy day. I headed out to Cincinnati this morning to meet with my potential new RE. About 35 minutes into my 2 hour trip, my tire blows out. I panicked at first because 1) I didn’t even know if I had a spare, 2) I don’t know how to change a tire, and 3) My husband was in class! Shiiiiit! I don’t have AAA either! (I now believe it is a good investment.)

Anyway…luckily, Andy got out of class a little early. I was able to reach him as soon as he got out. My knight in shining armor showed up about 30 min later. πŸ™‚ I thought for sure I would have to cancel my appointment though. Much to my surprise, they were super nice and told me to come on in whenever I could make it! Yay! I liked them already.

I made it to my appointment and was only about 30 min late! I sat down and spoke with Dr. S about my TTC history. He made a good impression on me right away. It just felt like we clicked. It was a brief consult, but we got right to the point. I told him about my previous IUIs, past response to meds (which has been very good up until this cycle), high FSH (11.6), low AMH (0.2), and antral follicle count (7); and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with my protocol.

First off, (if not pregnant this cycle) I’ll be taking DHEA 25mg 3 times a day throughout November and December. I have taken DHEA previously, but I did not know to take it 3 times a day. DHEA is known to improve egg quality.

IVF #2 is set for January 2011…hopefully AF cooperates and comes early in January, so we can get started! There will be NO BCPs, NO LUPRON, NO suppression of my ovaries!! I’ll be taking Clomid 100mg (oral med to stimulate follicles – kinda different, right?!), Follistim (injection to stimulate follicles), Menopur (another injection to stimulate follicles, also stimulates LH to increase the likelihood of proper ovulation), and Ganirelix (yet another injection, but this one keeps you from ovulating too soon – it doesn’t suppress the ovaries, though). Then of course, I’ll have an hcg trigger, progesterone, and this doc recommends a baby aspirin after the ET.

The idea behind NO suppression is that my body and my high FSH do not like being suppressed! It just doesn’t work for me! Dr.S said we need to stimulate the heck out of my ovaries – duh! LOL, I knew BCPs and Lupron were just too much. He had the idea to add Clomid along with Follistim because I have responded well to those meds in the past. It’s not your typical protocol, but it makes perfect sense to me!!

A couple other things…We WILL be doing ICSI. It just makes sense to do ICSI if you retrieve a smaller amount of eggs. Like I mentioned before, there is a higher fertilization rate with ICSI. My previous doc (well he’s still my current doc for now) wouldn’t do it…So there’s 2 doctors that have told me ICSI is our best bet. I was told before that, due to my age, we would only be putting 1 embryo back. Although I am 28, my reproductive organs match a 40 year old, so shouldn’t we put back as many as you would for a 40 year old?? My new doc says he would implant 3 embryos!! It feels good to have someone who’s on the SAME PAGE. And he said ALL of these things, without my saying so first!!

Oh, and another awesome thing. They don’t need a deposit or anything paid in full at the time of the procedures. They will bill my insurance first, then bill me later! All we need is money for meds, which we have *praise God* That is a big difference from my previous clinic, and it’s much less stressful.

Now he told me that we have a rough road ahead and that he can’t guarantee that this will work. However, from what we know about my body – it SHOULD work. I left feeling refreshed and hopeful again. I know I’m making the right choice. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “New doctor!! New protocol!! New hope…

  1. Oh Lisa, I'm so incredibly happy that your new dr isn't a douche bag!!! lol I really feel like this will help you, especially with the no stress of bills etc weighing you down! I pray you get that baby(ies) you and your DH so deserve. You've been through more than you should have to ever experience in this TTC journey and I really hope it happens for you. I will be stalking you!! All that being said, I'm still hoping this IUI works and you won't need any of it but all is good now! So happy for you!!! Hugs!!

  2. That's wonderful Lisa. It's so hard to find a good doctor, who actually listens and is on the same page as you. Good luck with everything, and keep up the positive attitude!

  3. Yay, yay, yay!!! This doctor sounds perfect for you–your post is so upbeat, that's what you need! I am so excited for you right now. :)Of course, hopefully this IUI worked and it's nothing for you to worry about anyway. πŸ˜‰

  4. This is all wonderful news Lisa!!! I totally agree, having a doctor on the same page as you is so very important, if not just to our sanity. but I think having a positive attitude and liking the doctor is equally important as the procedure itself. So I am really excited for you and intrigued by all the protocol delatils. I cannot wait to follow you -I am getting a little Giddy! xoxoxoxox

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