Thanks to my friends, hcg and progesterone, I’m having a million pregnancy symptoms! I know none of them are real. I wish they were. Being on all these hormones is rough. Of course it’ll all be worth it – if it works! I would give anything for REAL pregnancy hormones! It sucks having fake ones every month.

The night before last I was busy dreaming about this guy…Thanks hormones!


If you’re unfamiliar with Nightmare on Elm Street, that guy is Freddy Kreuger and he kills people in their sleep! That was not a fun night to say the least.

Last night I dreamed that one of my favorite bands asked me to fill in as their lead singer! It was amazing…I was amazing…it was nothing like real life at all! LOL

I’m afraid my dreams and other symptoms will only get worse because I’m now on progesterone, and I’ll also be taking MORE hcg (as a booster) @ 7dpo. Fun stuff!

In other news, I have another 2nd opinion today. I’ll update later on that. I definitely need to change docs if this IUI doesn’t work. After hearing what little confidence my doc has in my eggs, I am ready for a change.


One thought on “3dpiui

  1. Definitely kick that doc to the curb…My sister was told by her doc that she would never get pregnant, and then she had a baby girl. A year after that, the doc said her first baby was a fluke, and it would never happen again…six months later she was pregnant with my nephew. Have faith in your body – doctors don't know everything.

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