Acupuncture progress

This is my 6th week doing acupuncture, so I’m hoping to see some benefit soon. I’ve done it before, but this is the most consistent I’ve been since I starting acupuncture. I plan on continuing it weekly until pregnant (maybe also in the first critical weeks of pregnancy, too).

I lucked out getting a great acupuncture “Intern” at the local alternative medicine school. She is going to specialize in infertility when she completes her schooling. She already knows all the acupuncture “points” for infertility, and she seems to be very understanding and compassionate. Plus, it only costs $30 a session!

I’ve also had 2 massages, which have been wonderful. I got them at the school, as well. They’re just as good as any professional massage I’ve had!

Not only have these tools been great for stress relief, but I’m *hoping* that they will help lower my FSH and improve blood flow to my reproductive organs. The main focus is keeping me in balance and assisting my circulation.


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