Negative thoughts creepin in

Since my IVF cycle was canceled due to poor response, I have been worrying that maybe NO change of meds OR a new doc can help me. I mean, we know the problem lies with my ovaries/eggs. Maybe I’m too far gone…maybe it’s too late. It depresses me even more that I’m only 28 and headed towards early menopause. How many babies (if any) will we be able to have before then? I also start feeling under pressure, like I need to make this happen NOW. And it’s just not happening. Poor Andy wants to make it better, wants to make it happen. I know he would do anything for me. I’m trying to stay positive and push these negative thoughts away, but they keep popping up. I’ve always been a worrier :/
I guess the best thing to do is to try not to get too far ahead of myself here. I have to keep in mind that this upcoming IUI could very well be successful.


3 thoughts on “Negative thoughts creepin in

  1. It's hard to be positive on this journey. Once you actually KNOW there are problems — well I almost shut everyone out. Sometimes I still try to lol. It's not easy to think about what could happen (or not happen later on). I am praying hard that this IUI will lead you to that BFP girl! Try to hang in there!! : )

  2. I know this is extremely hard for you. I think it's ok sometimes to just be negative. I have all the Faith in the world that you will be a mom someday. I"m will continue to pray for you.

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