IUI #5 coming soon…and 2 second opinions

I went for my final follie check today. I have 3 measurable follicles, but only 1 (maybe 2) will be mature. I still have to take my injections today and tomorrow, then do the hcg trigger shot tomorrow night. IUI #5 will be Friday morning. This is not what I wanted, but I’m going to count my blessings and be happy that we can still do an IUI after all this mess. The nurse said to remain hopeful because they’ve had a lot of people end up pregnant in this exact situation. I hope she’s right.

We won’t be able to do IVF until January, so in the meantime, I’m researching different protocols and poor responders. I also scheduled second opinions with 2 different clinics – one for today at 4:30pm and the other on Monday 10/25 at 10:30am. My doctor seems a little “stuck in his ways”, so I think it would be good to get some fresh eyes on my case. I would love to stay with my current doctor, so maybe I can present some new ideas to him to incorporate into my treatments.


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