What to do next

Yesterday was a really hard day. I still feel pretty rough today. I appreciate all the love and support from everyone.

We won’t be able to try IVF again til January because of money and the holidays. My clinic shuts down for a bit during December. I am going to talk to my doc again before I decide whether or not to get a 2nd opinion or change docs. A friend told me that one benefit to staying with my doc is that he knows my situation best & that IVF can be kind of like a trial and error type thing.

There is a place in Cincinnati that would be the closest – 2 hrs away. I don’t know if I should call them now? Because it could take awhile to get a new patient appt.

In the mean time, it’s time to get back to my full health – mentally, physically, and spiritually. I did kinda slack off on my exercising and stuff recently, so I’m going to hit that hard again. I’m going to keep doing acupuncture weekly and a massage every couple weeks or so.


5 thoughts on “What to do next

  1. I am so sorry your cycle was cancelled! I don't know anything about IVF so definitely can't offer advice, but I am just so sorry. I can only imagine how disappointed you are!

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