Some hope!

**An update: I talked to a different IVF nurse. She said I can come in Saturday for more bloodwork and an u/s. She was more positive than the previous nurse I spoke to. She said that a lot can happen (in a good way) within a couple days time. By Saturday, I’ll have been on stims for 7 days (including 3 full days of my increased dose). I said I was sorry for being a pain or a crazy person, but she said not to worry & that this is a stressful time. She said she was happy to bring me in on Saturday if it would give me some peace of mind. Hallelujah! I feel somewhat more hopeful now! Still nervous…but I don’t think I’ll stop being nervous for awhile.

Other than that, I have been getting a lot of support and good vibes from all my friends! I’ve also been reading success stories of women who had a smaller amounts of follicles. Thank you everyone for being there for me!

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