Only 7 antral follies :(

Ugh, I’m feeling pretty bummed. My antral follie count is 7. I am completely shocked that it’s so bad. I know I have diminished ovarian reserve, but come on! The doctor even asked if there was anyway I had been exposed to chemicals or radiation…umm no I don’t think so. I feel like I’m out before I even started. It’s not going to work. Great news on my birthday. 😦 Otherwise, my u/s looked fine, no cysts, and E2 is 14…so we’re good to go on injects.


5 thoughts on “Only 7 antral follies :(

  1. Thank you ladies. I have been looking for success stories with women who have had low antral follie counts, and surprisingly there are many good stories! I'm going to keep truckin along!

  2. Remember, in the very end all you need is one egg and one sperm to connect and implant. there are so many possibities in 7 Antral follies =) Keep that chin up. xoxoxoxox

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