Insurance crap and meds came!

I pleaded with my insurance company this morning to let us just pay $1,000 today. Then we will split up the remaining $2,300 between this month and next month. It’s still a lot of money that we didn’t anticipate, but at least we will have money to eat and pay bills for now. We’re going to have to get a loan.

In other news…my meds came! They came in a big box with a cooler inside! How cool! There’s a million different vials, boxes, needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, and a sharps container.



3 thoughts on “Insurance crap and meds came!

  1. Sweetie – I am so sorry to read about the last few days for you. HOW TERRIBLE of your mom to treat you that way!! That was completely uncalled for. You need support more than ANYTHING right now. I'm glad you were able to figure something out with the insurance. It's such a stressful crapload of stuff that we SHOULDN'T have to deal with … but we do. I'm praying hard for you! Can't wait to walk this journey with ya!! : ) (New mommy from 2WW)

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