Oh, the things people say…

The crazy things people say…and people have ACTUALLY said these things to me!!

1. Just Relax! (Oh…THAT’S what I was doing wrong!)
2. When the time is right… (Why? Is this a bad time?)
3. Don’t think about it so much.
4. Don’t try so hard.
5. You have time. (Umm, no I don’t. I’ll be going into early menopause, but I don’t really want to go into that with you!)
6. You’re so young! (Am I? What age is good for you then?)
7. Just adopt and then you’ll get pregnant. (Yeah, it’s that easy to get approved and THEN just pay out thousands of dollars.)
8. Just have sex on day 14. (Yep, someone actually told me that! In a perfect cycle, in a perfect world…I suppose I’m just one of the abnormal ones!)
9. Have you tried different positions? What about standing on your head after sex? (I have tried that actually, and it doesn’t work :-))

Here are some other non-nonsensical, insensitive comments…

1. Just get drunk and it’ll happen sooner or later!
2. Have you tried…(a turkey baster, special lube, etc, etc)?…That worked for my (cousin, neighbor, co-worker, sister, etc.)
3. Is it you or your husband? (Did you seriously just ask me that???)
4. Maybe your husband masturbates too much (!!!!)
5. There’s always next time! (Ummm yeah, after I pay out my life savings to my doctor, and wait for my body to calm down from all these stims…)
6. But, is it really all that stressful? It’s fun trying! (Well, yeah after you go through all of the drugs, getting poked and prodded every day, wait for your follicles to grow, pray that they are of the best quality, hope that you get at least some to fertilize and then of course to implant all the while trying to keep it real that it comes with no guarantees…yeah I would say that’s pretty stressful!)
7. It takes some people 10 years to get pregnant! (Oh, that’s so encouraging to know that it may take me even longer to conceive. And the time I’ve already been waiting has been a real breaze!)

And here are some things “frustrated” parents say…

1. At least you can spend your money on other things. (NO, really I can’t though. I’m broke!)
2. Well, enjoy going out and sleeping in because that’s all over when you have kids. (I want to wake up early with my kids…those mornings would make my whole day!)
3. You can take mine if you want and get your “baby fix” that way! (Like that will really satisfy all my needs!)

I did borrow a few of these from random posts I saw on the internet. It’s crazy how insensitive people are *rolls eyes*

3 thoughts on “Oh, the things people say…

  1. I like when people who had no trouble getting pregnant try to give "how-to" advice. Like maybe we're doing it wrong? LOL. I also HATE when someone says to just not think about it or that we're trying too hard. It makes me cringe…

  2. Thank you for your comments ans support, I really do appreciate them. You hit the nail on the head with this list – I think I have heard them all. Pretty comical hunh?! I don't think we can get through IF without a sense of humor, otherwise we might hurt people. 😉 xoxoxoxoxox

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