Excited first….now scared to death

My IVF consult is today at 4pm. I was so excited and looking forward to getting this process started. I felt like this would be our best shot at getting pregnant or AT LEAST finding out how well my eggs can be fertilized.
However, now I am terribly nervous and full of fear! If this doesn’t work, we won’t be able to try another attempt for a very long time for financial reasons. We might be able to do some IUIs or medicated cycles, but maybe not because we’ll have to save our money for our future IVF attempts.
I have so many mixed emotions. I hope I feel better after the appointment. I’ve always been a “planner”, so hopefully I’ll feel reasurred that we are on the right track after my doctor/nurse sets up a schedule.
I’m not sure what to expect. I researched the IVF process and understand everything involved in that…but researching is different than actually DOING.
I have questions for my doc. One thing I was wondering about is taking supplements or doing other natural things to help prepare my body. My doctor had previously scoffed at some of things I was doing…lol.
I will update later.


2 thoughts on “Excited first….now scared to death

  1. lisa- i have followed your journey through the Two week wait website. This next step is a journey and at times you will want to give up but in the end it's all worth it. We did 1 round of IVF and are 23 weeks pregnant with Twin boys! be strong lady.

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