And so it begins!

Ahhhh, where to begin. My doctor is amazing. He has a great way of explaining things as to where you feel optimistic, but yet you know the risks and downfalls. He’s very balanced.

He explained the various outcomes that we might expect with IVF. There are SO many different ways this it could turn out and SO many options as to how we will do it. It all depends on how I respond to the meds. The good thing is that we know I respond pretty well to meds. For someone who has Diminished Ovarian Reserve, I am able to produce a good amount of follicles. He said we might be pleasantly surprised. If I don’t respond well, we would convert it into an IUI.

Before we even get started there are things that we need to hurry up and get done. DH needs a comprehensive S/A that will check for any anomalies. This will cost $300-400 😦 But we are REQUIRED to do it. Then they will freeze a sample of his sperm with a separate collection in case something happens to him when I need the sperm for IVF. We don’t expect to find anything wrong with his sperm, but if there is – we will still do IVF. It will just change how we do it. Typically they just put the sperm in the dish with your eggs to fertilize. If there is something wrong with the sperm, they will actually INJECT it into the eggs. We probably won’t have to do that – it’s mainly used with Male Factor Infertility.

Both of us need blood tests for like Rubella and some other diseases.

I have to talk to my insurance company and get some info sent to my RE’s office.

I’m going to start my progesterone suppositories because I need to keep AF away long enough to complete these things. It shouldn’t take long – maybe a few days. They said as long as we have completed these steps, I can get started. They don’t need the results back for us to start…we can worry about that later if something comes back abnormal.

Once AF comes, I go in for an appt and ultrasound. I will take BCP for a few weeks. After the BCP, things move quickly. I start on Lupron injections to stimulate the sex hormones in my brain to get ready to release a TON of hormones to make my follies grow. He only wants to do a short course of Lupron. Next I start Follicle Stimulating injections, along with something to prevent me from ovulating until they want me to. The next steps are HCG trigger shot, egg retrieval, and most likely a transfer 3 days later.

We want to see 7 eggs…that’s all! I think my ovaries can do it! 😀 If we get more – then HELL YEAH! If we get less, like I said above, we may need to do an IUI instead. It depends.



3 thoughts on “And so it begins!

  1. Lisa, I'm so excited for you!!! It sounds like you have found a great doctor. And really, the whole process seems like it will go smoothly! I can't wait!! 🙂

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