Officially onto IVF!

Andy and I talked about our progress with IUIs – and we are not happy. We feel that it’s in our best interest to give IVF a shot. Enough is enough. We pray that IVF is the right/best route for us. Even if it doesn’t work, I want to get an idea of what my eggs are doing! I mean, we know my eggs are THE problem, so I’d like to know how they fertilize (if at all) or what is going wrong with the process. My consult is set up for NEXT TUESDAY 6/15. We may be able to go ahead and start the BCP when my next cycle starts. My next cycle should be starting shortly after my consult – which is PERFECT timing. My nurse said that there are a couple tests that need to be done – bloodwork, etc before we can get started. Hopefully we don’t have to take another cycle off just for testing. I kind of doubt that because I’ve already had an HSG and lots of testing. We mainly need bloodwork and an ultrasound. We will know more after our consult.
So, if I start BCP with my next cycle, we are looking at IVF around the end of July or early August at the latest (but I’m not 100% sure how everything will play out).


3 thoughts on “Officially onto IVF!

  1. Hi LisaMelissa here from TWW – we were in the IUI groups together!Just wanted to wish you all the best! We are also doing IVF after our 5 failed IUI'S. I'm starting in about 2 weeks! EEEK.Good luck hun!

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