IUI #4 is a bust, but I have a plan…

I’ve been on fertility drugs for like 6 months straight. It would be nice to take a break. I’m thinking about doing a body cleanse to clear my system and jump start some weight loss. I’d like to work out more, lose about 10 lbs/get toned, and become healthier in general. So that’s what I will start on now. I will still be TTC, but naturally with no temping or OPKs. The less stress the better. I just want to enjoy my husband for once. I would also like to try to do more yoga, acupuncture, and massages. I think I need to heal myself physically and emotionally. Another thing I’m planning is a weekend getaway or something with my husband. We’ve been working hard at our jobs, with school, and TTC! We deserve a treat!

2 thoughts on “IUI #4 is a bust, but I have a plan…

  1. I'm so sorry this one didn't work out. I had such high hopes for you. :(I think your plan sounds great, and I hope it gives you the relaxation that you need!

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