I had to leave my favorite forum :(

Yesterday was a sad day. I finally experienced the last straw with my favorite TTC forum. There are girls acting like high schoolers there. There are people FAKING miscarriages there. Edited to add – I felt like I was a part of the drama, which is not like me. Although there are a lot of wonderful people on that site, I just know the bad outweighs the good. I have enough stress without fellow TTCers stirring up drama, judging me, or calling names. I will miss offering support to others and receiving it back. I think this is a good step for me though. It’s all for the best.


7 thoughts on “I had to leave my favorite forum :(

  1. I don't agree with what actually happened and got pretty angry about it all.It's still very sad that you felt you had to leave the forums b/c of this big fubared mess that occurred.Good luck on your TTC journey. Hopefully you won't have to be on it for very much longer 🙂

  2. Lisa I miss you! I wish you were still there to encourage us! Please I need to keep updated on whats going on with you! Can you add me to Facebook if you have it?mbertsch@ccu.edu~anniea

  3. Ok, so I am a bit of a stalker, but I am a TWWer from way back and I still come back to stalk you. I am sorry to see that you felt you had to leave. You were always a positive force there and so encouraging. It won't be the same without you! I'll be stalking your blog now, waiting (and celebrating) when you get that BFP!

  4. Lisa, I really miss you on TWW. I'm so sad you felt that you had to leave, though I understand. I wish you tons of babydust and hope to hear good news from you really soon!!~Annabelle

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