IUI #4 – looking good!

The IUI took longer than usual. My doc had trouble accessing my cervix. He said it was leaning to the right?! He got it though, eventually.

He did an u/s and I still have 3 perfect follies all measuring 18-19 mm, which is what we expected. The doc says it’s okay that I didn’t O yet. He said I should O at anytime. We will BD A LOT over the next few days. Andy made a deal with his boss so he can come home in the morning and BD with me before I go to work (he works nights).

Anyway, post wash count was 25 million (our 2nd highest count yet) and motility was at 84%, which is very good! So we are definitely pleased. 🙂

Oh, and I got some instead cups. I put one in after the IUI – don’t know if it will actually help, but it couldn’t hurt. We will be using them after our BD tonight and the coming days.

I’m just gonna relax the rest of the day, as I have the day off work.


4 thoughts on “IUI #4 – looking good!

  1. Good luck!! I am cheering for you. Looks like our TTC journey is on hold for quite awhile. Unless something fixes itself or we have a miracle…our only chances are IVF now. We can't afford that realistically for awhile. So I am going to just live vicariously through all of you girls in the TTC world. I can just be a cheerleader now! I really really really hope this is it!

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