Follie check

Okay, my doc appt went well!!! I am happy!

Lining: 9.5 mm (really good for CD 8, and will get thicker before the IUI)
Left ovary: 14 mm, 14 mm
Right ovary: 14 mm

All 3 follies are dominant and will grow to the optimum size of at least 18 mm before my IUI. I am really happy with the measurements of my follies because they are nice and even. With Clomid I would have some really big ones mixed with smaller ones. It was like they had a mind of their own.

Trigger will be CD 10 (Sunday night) and IUI will be CD 12 (Tuesday morning). We aren’t triggering and doing the IUI 24 hrs later because my follies need more time to grow, so we are doing the IUI 36 hrs later this time. I feel comfortable with that. He said I won’t ovulate early.

My doctor mentioned the situation with his nurse being rude to me, but said we will talk about it later. He doesn’t want any stressing or bad thoughts for me right now. *Happy Thoughts*


One thought on “Follie check

  1. Lisa,I'm so happy to hear that your appt went well and that your dr is taking care of the mean nurse! Glad you are keeping happy thoughts, that's a good plan! Maybe that's why I haven't seen you on tww. I will stalk your blog to see how you are. Hugs!!Annabelle

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