So, yesterday was CD 1 and I was dealing with some major cramping and bleeding. Not fun, to say the least.

I had to buy my follicle stimulating injections at a regular pharmacy for $1,091! There just wasn’t enough time to wait around to see if it would be cheaper through my insurance company’s pharmacy. Then I would have been worried about them getting it shipped to me on time (it’s mail order). I have to start my injections on Sunday.

Get ready for a rant about my RE’s nurse. She called after I had picked up my injections and told me that she got the shipment ready through my insurance company’s pharmacy. I told her it was too late, I already picked up my injections from the other pharmacy. She said all nasty that she didn’t receive a call about that. I told her I was sorry, I thought we had it all worked out. Apparently my insurance company called her and pushed for her to hurry up and get the prior authorization done so they could ship my meds. She again got nasty with me and told me she spent HOURS working on it for me. EXCUSE ME! I am so sorry that she had to WORK and do HER JOB! It wasn’t my fault! I already told the insurance company that I DIDN’T need any meds! She proceeded to argue with me and never apologized. I demanded to speak to my doctor and SHE REFUSED to let me speak to him. She said I can see him next Friday at my appt. WTH?! So I asked if I could talk to her supervisor. I had to leave a message for her because she was out of the office.

This woman has been rude to me before, if you recall. I cannot believe I have to put up with this shit on top of EVERYTHING ELSE I am dealing with. GRRRRRRRRRR


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