Lots of emotions!

It’s been a crazy couple of days! We are both feeling excited, scared, happy, nervous, ecstatic, and more! My coworkers already know because they knew about the IUI and when I’d be due to find out if it worked or not! I couldn’t hide my excitement. DH told his band mates because he felt he couldn’t hold it in. I’m trying to hold off on telling anyone else yet! I’m dying to tell my parents and a couple other friends, but it would be nice to wait at least until I get my betas done on Monday!
I’m feeling pretty good. It’s not sinking in yet that I’m really pregnant. It’s unbelievable! I took a 6 hr nap after work today, so I guess the fatigue will be my first hurdle! I think I was tired also because of all the excitement.


3 thoughts on “Lots of emotions!

  1. Thanks Annabelle! You are such a sweetheart! There could be a chance of multiples since I had 2 follies, but I will be happy with one healthy bean! 🙂

  2. Oh so exciting!! Can't wait to hear about your betas and try not to worry about those tests today! You know all too well that there are so many factors that influence it! I'm praying for a super sticky bean(s) for you!! HUGS!!~Annabelle

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