Nature + Science = BFP?

I decided to start taking some natural supplements this cycle to aid fertility. Get ready for a big list:

Maca Root 500 mg daily
Royal Jelly 300 mg daily – had to stop due to allergic reaction
DHEA 25 mg daily
(The above improve egg quality)
Aspirin 81 mg daily (Miscarriage Prevention and improvement of circulation to reproductive organs)
Prenatals daily
An extra 400 mcg of Folic Acid daily
Green Tea first half of cycle (For fertile CM)
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea everyday (Supports uterine lining and calms/tones the uterus)

I’m also doing acupuncture, starting today (CD 3). I’ll have another session on CD 10 before my double IUIs.

This combined with Clomid 50 mg CD 3-7, an hcg trigger shot, and Progesterone suppositories will hopefully be the ticket to my BFP!


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