Acupuncture was great yesterday! I felt sooo good afterward. I came home and conked out for a couple hrs. The doctor is a middle-aged Chinese woman who really knows her stuff – especially about infertility. She seemed very intuitive or almost psychic at times – it was neat! She guessed that I was doing IUI’s and a double IUI at that! She guessed there was nothing wrong with my husband. There was a bunch of other stuff, too. She gave me a very calming feeling…she’s totally “zen”.

Our plan is to increase blood flow and circulation to my reproductive organs. She even taught me “fertility massage”. You lay down and place one hand on your lower abdomen/pelvic area (right around your uterus and ovaries), next lay your other hand on top of the first, and move around in a clockwise motion. Don’t rub or push – just very lightly move your hands around. She said to do it each night before going to sleep.

My next session is Monday!


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